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June 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A park ranger in Oregon’s Newberry National Volcanic Monument mentioned the controlled burns of fire mitigation in the area. Mother earth simply added a great light show! Still-burning embers and waves of smoke filtering through the trees. Fantastic bursts of light contrasting with the dark tones of a burned forest floor and colorful details of green and gold above. It felt surreal at times.

As photogenic (and safe) as this was I thought often of firefighters who battle actual wildfires like the one burning in my state as I write. Over 4000 acres just 10% control. Natural fires happen and are good for the forest yet seem to only get worse as fire season grows. Still too early to know cause of the #416fire, but walking in ash on a burned forest floor was a beautiful reminder to value our natural resources.

• 6/11/18 update. The 416 fire near Durango Colorado has of this writing grown to nearly 23,000 acres and still just 10% contained.


smoke from fire mitigation in morning sunDeschutes Burn


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