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Denver Lines & Portland Bound

May 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Oregon has been a favorite destination since visiting there often with the folks on family vacations. As a landlocked lover of the sea, memories of the rugged coastline inspire to return every chance I have. And so begins another road trip, a new route laid out in support of my informal truth to not follow the same road twice.

An unexpected upside will be at the Black Box Gallery in Portland. With fortunate timing my image seen here, “Denver Lines” has been selected to hang in their current show Focus: Shadow and Light.

Before and after Portland will be travels through eastern Oregon, Corvallis to Newport to Seaside, and back along the Columbia River valley. As always..looking forward to the unknown ahead!

What are your favorite places to photograph around Oregon?

Skyscrapers in downtown Denver with the 1999 Broadway building and Holy Ghost Church.Denver Lines


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