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Robert Newman's creative path has roots in childhood. His dad was a prolific photographer (using a 3D Stereo Realist) and he credits his obsession with those Kodachrome slides as creative bedrock. Robert's professional life begins and ends in the Denver Public Schools Career Education Center. Hired in support of the schools film and television production programs, he soon assumes and develops them into Digital Film Production, an award-winning classroom studio for high school students to write, direct, and produce their own short films.

In 2011 Robert retired from education to pursue his long-dormant passion of still photography. Today he's most often travelling east from his hometown Denver onto the Colorado plains where the open space challenges him with a seemingly empty canvas. Under the prairie sky with an abundance of farms and ranch land, he refines his eye with subjects of form, motion and color; but Robert feels his most personal work includes abandoned places and traces of abandoned life. Elements of human impact on our environment (and environment on us) is often a common denominator in images that connect our tangible past with thoughts of identity and place moving forward.

Born and raised in Denver, Robert currently lives in nearby Lakewood not far from his son, his daughter and her family.




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