I feel I've followed a creative path since childhood. My dad, who was a prolific amateur photographer, used a 3D Stereo Realist camera and my obsession with his vivid Kodachrome slides of our family vacations and scenic drives through the Colorado high country was my creative bedrock.

In a circular path I found my career where I spent half-days as a senior in high school– the Denver Public Schools Career Education Center. Hired in 1984 to run the schools AV department I soon inherited a unique 16mm film program and, keeping to its original roots, developed Digital Film Production, a full service studio for high school students to write, direct, and produce their own short films. I'm proud of the award-winning program I built and am fortunate to have had the opportunity to inspire a generation of students who are now themselves professionals in the media production industry. It was a great way to spend the years but now in retirement the camera is back in my hands.

As a still photographer I am most often travelling east from my hometown of Denver onto the Colorado plains. I find the farms and ranch land a seemingly empty canvas, where the minimalist 'scapes require a closer look with emphasis on form, motion, color and light. Remnants in abandoned places pique my curiosity, as do man's impact on nature and nature's return. I look for (and imagine) the stories in these places, to make a connection between past and present, and reflect on where we are going forward.

I have a fascination with motion in still photography, perhaps from all those years in the motion picture mindset. If the subject itself isn't moving then I create it with a pan or tilt of the camera during exposure. Finally, I enjoy capturing those little ironic moments that make me smile and the occasional stray image of landscapes I travel.

If you're in the Denver (Colorado) metro area my work can be seen exclusively in the Valkarie Gallery, Email (link above) for more information or to purchase custom framed fine art prints and canvas wraps. On Twitter and Instagram please follow @strayimages for the latest...

Thank you!

-Robert Newman



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